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Fitness Garage is the ultimate place for achieving a world-class level of fitness to feel healthy and in shape. We are an enthusiastic bunch of people who are on a mission to experience transformations by making our esteemed members fitter and happier with each passing day. The reason we have entered the fitness industry is the fact that it is the appropriate phase to switch over from traditional methods to a modern-day approach. We are focussed and unquestionably result-oriented which makes us genuine and authentic when it comes to your daily fitness needs. Our proactive way to gauge your fitness necessities makes us diverse and exceptional whether you are looking to shed some weight, improve your muscle size, increase your stamina or just get ‘fit’!

This place has it all! Our indoor facilities are safeguarded against COVID 19 and we are ready to welcome you all in a safe and sanitized ecosystem

What We Offer For You

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  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Body Building Programs
  • Cardio Programs
  • Personal Trainer

Top Services

Fitness Garage offers a widespread range of services and physical activities that are affordable and will certainly fit your monthly budget. Our well-experienced instructors deliver training and guidance to not just lose weight, but also maintain a healthy lifestyle and an impressive personality.


Grove to the Zumba moves and shapes your body like a pro with Fitness Garage! Learn the accurate manner of applying the Zumba technique for Weight Loss, Body Toning, and Coordination with peers.


Merge Fitness Garage’s extraordinary aerobic exercises with stretching and strength training routines and reach the target of improving your flexibility, muscular strength, and cardiovascular fitness


Our customized cardio workouts at Fitness Garage improve metabolism and heart health and eases depression and fatigue. It is time to burn some calories and feels awesome with our personalized workouts.

Weight Training

Did you know Weight Training prevents injuries and improves your body composition? Strengthen your bones and muscles with Fitness Garage’s tailormade weight training and improve your physical fitness.


Experience the high intensity of CrossFit to enhance your multi-joint movements with Fitness Garage.
Our extensive program helps improving agility, balance, and flexibility

Yoga Class

Connect with yourself with Yoga sessions by Fitness Garage’s experienced coaches and ease your daily back pain, stress, and arthritis symptoms. Our mentors will make sure you improve your balance, heart health and get fit from your core.


We bet on the fact that Fitness Garage will serve as your comfort zone owing to our worldclass facilities and superior degree of service and amenities.
Our futuristic and modern facilities along with the provision of personal training make our workout plans the best to opt for.


Our voluminous and airy gymnasiums are fully equipped with a complete range of cardio, free weights, turf area, and a variety of strength machines. We propose reliable cardiovascular exercise programs to facilitate your régime, physical condition, and healthiness in a positive manner.

It is definitive that Fitness Garage will be able to incite you and walk together to achieve your dream of crafting a fit and healthy body.


Our individualized one-on-one personal training sessions comprise of a committed coach, a custom-made plan, assistance, and constant motivation. Fitness Garage trainers curate specific fitness strategies independently for young, old, or senior fitness freaks. We make sure you receive timely guidance and mentorship on a personal level to keep you energized and on your toes.

Our packages are affordable and tested to deliver maximum results in the minimum time frame.


Irrespective of your athletic interests or personal fitness style, if you believe in hard work while having fun, then FITNESS GARAGE Gym should be your one-stop solution for all your health and fitness routines

We do not just work out,

We train!

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